Anointing of the Sick
Visiting the sick may be arranged by calling Fr. George or the parish office.  In the case of serious illness, contact Fr. George immediately.
Registered parishioners much contact the Parish office for an interview with the Pastor.  Pre-Baptism classes are required before Baptism.
CCE Education
Classes are available for children who need preparation for First Commnion or confession.  Classes are held on Sundays from September through May.
Eucharist and Confirmation
Baptized person wishing to receive these sacraments need to contact the CCE Director.
Funeral Services
In the event of the death of a parishioner, please contact the Parish Office before finalizing any arrangements with the Funeral Director.
Registered engaged couples must call the Parish Office at least one year before their expected wedding date.  No date can be set until a couple has met with a Priest for preliminary instructions.  Pre-Cana or Engagement Encounter is required.
Receiving Holy Communion
Only Catholics, in good standing, are allowed to participate in receiving the Holy Eucharist.  Receive the Eucharist with reverence, bow slightly and respond "Amen".  If receiving the host by hand, place the left hand over the right (or opposite if you are left handed) and raise your arms slightly.

If interested in any of the above sacraments, please contact the Parish Office at